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, white americans left these cities. they'll flee away from taxes, crime, whatever. and went to suburbia. it followed them. they said why are we spending three hours a day on the long island expressway? let's move back into these cities. so for me it's about people get displaced. where the black population of new york city has declined. the hispanic or puerto rican population of new york city has declined. it's about having affordable housing so people whoever they are can live in new york city. and it's not just new york. d.c. used to be called chocolate city. chicago, they knocked down the cabrini green projects and now black people are stuck on the projects outside of chicago. >> sorry. isn't this something that has happened to in every generation to all sorts of different groups? little italy in new york has gotten smaller as parts of chinatown have grown and other neighborhoods have grown. one an area that used to be predominantly jewish then changes over to another ethnic group. you don't see this as something -- you think it's escalating? >> here's the difference, anderson. becaus
. >> we need a new corporate tax code and regulatory system to eliminate lobbyist loop holes and giveaways. level the playing field between businesses big and small and foster a dynamic globally competitive private sector. the left today no longer represents the little guy, but rather the crony clients of the ever expanding special interest state. progressives have become the party of wall street, k street and pennsylvania avenue. we must become the party of main street everywhere. >> k street what he's talking about where a lot of the lobbyists are in washington. that's utah tea party republican senator mike lee. keeping them honest, when he's not publicly crusading against lobbyists, guess. what he's privately asking them for money. drew griffin tonight caught him at it. take a look. >> reporter: it's 8:00 a.m. in snow bird, utah. and that early gondola heading up the mountain an hour before the slopes of this luxury resort even open is filled with lobbyists. but not just lobbyists. utah senator mike lee is here, too. in fact, it's his political action committee hosting a fundraising ski
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)